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Finalize 2019 Club T-Shirts

Looking to finalize the choices for club T-Shirts before end of May, 2019. Once we agree on design I would like to get a quote on costs and interest from membership. Please review post on club T-Shirts and place your vote!


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  • Help!

    Hey guys, I need some help! I am on day 3 of a pretty good bacteria bloom, cloudy water and just overall no good. Does anyone have a UV sterilizer that I can run for a few days to clear up the water, hopefully before Thanksgiving. Please let me know!


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    Wow, so nobody has one or has a suggestion?!?


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      I don't think mine would help you out, your tank is to big haha


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        Are you.running carbon? And or a polishing pad?


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          Originally posted by BoostedReef View Post
          Are you.running carbon? And or a polishing pad?
          Yeah just got some fresh carbon on line the other day, and have currently killed the lights. I don't really have a place for a polishing pad. I don't run filter socks or anything like that. I had a customer tank that had this issue many years ago, 24 hours with a Sterilizer on it and the problem was gone. This is probably a result of dosing nitrates too much too quick, but I don't know. thats the only change to my tank.


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            I had an old UV sterilizer that I rigged up to hopefully work, its not a pretty sight but hoping after a day or two running that it can take care of the issue. Fingers crossed! Click image for larger version

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              Follow up:
              UV sterilizer up and running for 2 days...the tank is crystal clear (new carbon probably helped too!) and doing great!


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                Nice congrats