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How to Plumb a Sump – Intermediate

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  • How to Plumb a Sump – Intermediate

    How to Plumb a Sump - Intermediate Intermediate

    As you gain experience keeping an aquarium you will soon learn that additional equipment and devices can be added to your sump. These upgrades help you more easily maintain a beautiful display because they make it easier to maintain stable water chemistry in between water changes.

    Filtration media comes in many forms is a great way to help keep your water clean, clear and odor free. Carbon, GFO and various other media types are most effective when used inside of a filter media reactorbecause the reactor will increase contact time with the media and ensures that all water passing through the reactor will come in contact with the media. A media reactor can be placed inside the sump, hang on the side or even be placed outside of the sump in most cases. You can then feed aquarium water through the reactor via a small pump/powerhead or use a tee off your main return line (pictured above).

    Maintaining the proper temperature in your aquarium is key to keeping happy healthy animals. While a heater will raise water temperature to the desired range, a water chiller can be equally important in the instance water temperature rise beyond acceptable levels. Rising water temperatures are typically caused from high ambient air temperatures in combination with all of the heat transferred into your aquarium water from your pumps and lighting.

    A chiller is connected to your system via a pump that sends aquarium water through the chiller and then back into your sump or display tank. You can feed your chiller using your main return pump (pictured above) or a separate dedicated water pump. When using your return pump, it is important to make sure your return pump can provide enough water flow to your display tank and the chiller.
    Courtesy of Marine Depot