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  • CO2 scrubber.

    With the setup of my apex I have been monitoring ph within my reef. I have the normal small daily swing that is expected. I do not run a refugium being such a small AIO tank. Since I don’t have room for one I was considering playing with a CO2 scrubber to see if I could get any benefit from it. Right now my ph ranges are 7.7-8.09 daily. My tank has no I’ll effect within this range but I’m curious to know how much faster I could increase calcification within my Acropora and other sps corals and if it would even be worth messing with. My gut says let things be as I have a good balance of color and growth. Does anyone run one? Results? Is it worth the cost in media and generally how long is it lasting? I’m always interested in what others are working with.

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    I'm running a co2 scrubber from brs. And I'm very happy with it... ph is 8.3 day to 8.1 at night.. never has it went under 8.0 and with out it I was 7.8 avg..