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CGRC June 8th, 2019 Meeting

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  • CGRC June 8th, 2019 Meeting

    Andrew Juettner is hosting the June 2019 CGRC meeting.

    The meeting is this Saturday, June 8th, @ 2:00 pm. Address is 88 Powers Drive, Midway, Georgia 31320.

    Andrew has a new 180 gallon reef tank that is just getting set up with a nice bit of rock/aquascaping, and is reading for seeding and cycling

    Andrew will be discussing his new tank plumbing techniques and also talk about his frag tank/system's.

    Club discussion will focus on upcoming trip to Florida Keys (Islamaorada) the weekend of September 14-15 to support the Coral Restoration Foundation.

    Find more information here at:

    Trip will involve:

    1. discussion and hands on lab work with setting up coral fragmentation's for replanting,
    2. boat trip to reef to learn processes and assist with planting new fragmentation's.

    This will be open to both mask/snorkel swimming and scuba divers as this will be done on shallow reef systems. Anyone interested in getting wet and experiencing the reef ecosystems is welcome to attend. I would suggest that those considering attending have basic swimming skills. We will need to schedule with local dive center there for places on dive boat, so there will be a limited time to join up for this.

    We will open up our pool at my house for those interested in learning the basic skills involved with snorkel/fins. If you are interested in learning more about scuba diving, we have many club members who are certified in both basic Open Water as well as more advanced training.who would be happy to explain how much fun it can be! Member George Constantino helped (4) four of our members attend certification this spring, and might be open to scheduling another scuba club Open Water Scuba class thru Divers Den should we get a number of members who would like to do this.

    As always, anyone interested in saltwater aquariums and Reefs are welcome to attend.

    Contact David at # 912-294-0912 for any information or directions.

    Happy Summer Reefing!